Viking Clothing 101

The Vikings were explorers and warriors from the Scandinavian countries of long ago. Viking history spans from somewhere between the fifth and eighth centuries to the eleventh century when these people spent time raiding, exploring and settling in Europe and North America. This period is referred to as the Viking age and is full of rich history.

The Vikings, or Norsemen, have not only this colorful history but also a great visual appeal, this is why Vikings make a great costume! As often is the case with history, it becomes glorified and embellished and a romanticized picture is often created. Vikings have a lot of violence associated with them, which may hold true, but they also had a lot of influence over many countries, including France, Ireland, Greenland, and of course, what is now Russia.

Because of their distinct history and style, Viking dress makes a great costume choice. Like so many costumes, there are the fancy ones, the sexy ones and the more traditional ones. Viking costumes fall into all of these ranges.

For the fancy costumes, think of the plush furs and heavy capes. A Viking man can wear the rugged clothes of the Norseman and drape himself in a fur (faux) lined cape. Some tall fur boots and belted tunic will enhance the costume. No Viking man would be complete without the horned Viking helmet on his head and a manly sword on his belt. Look for the Norse accents of fur and chainmail, gauntlets and medallions. Any guy will feel ready to take on the world in this manly costume.

For the fancy lady Viking, the same furs and wintry accents are important. Hers will be a dress with some boots with fur trim. A cape is a necessity, so is a helmet, though it should be more stately and elegant than his. Then of course, is the sexy Viking. Her dress will be shorter and tighter and her boots a bit higher. She will be ready to warm anyone up no matter how cold it gets!

Kids make great Vikings, too. They will have fun with the helmets and swords, boots and belts. In fact, the whole family can go as a Viking family. A girl will look very cute with some Viking braids and the boys will love the “manliness” of the costumes!

Remember, accessories can really make a costume. Even for those who do not want to dress in full garb, just by wearing the helmet and the cape over a pair of jeans or basic clothes will be a good look. Pieces and parts can work just as well as a whole costume sometimes. Choose a hero or villain and accessorize that way. Be a more majestic hero or heroine and toughen up for the villain look.

Because of the infamous history of the Vikings, it makes for a fun costume for a night. It is a great way to step out of the shell and be a little wild and rough. Don that fur cape and horned helmet, grab a spear and a great Viking night may lie just ahead!