Find the Perfect Cowboy Hat for your Cowboy Costume

Yee-haw! It sounds like it is about time to rustle up some cowboy hats…

Now that you have some of the lingo down for a fantastic cowboy costume, you may find that getting a great cowboy hat can be a little more difficult than you would imagine. There is a system to this discovery, and it is one that you will not figure out without a little guidance. Listed below is some information that should help you find the perfect cowboy hat for your next cowboy costume.

Know What the Hats Are for

Even if you only need a cowboy hat as part of a costume, it is a good idea to understand why they were created in the first place. Cowboy hats were once more than just fashion symbols. They were functioning pieces of the cowboy lifestyle. The wide brim of the hat was used to protect the wearer from the sun, and its upturned shape could actually function as a water catcher during the rain. If you really want to get into the cowboy mentality, you have to keep history like this in mind.


You have to figure out what kind of material you want your cowboy hat to be made out of. You can get anything from leather to plastic nowadays, so it really depends on what you are looking to achieve with the hat. If you want to look authentic, you may get something made out of fur, felt, or straw. If you want to look like the most ridiculous cowboy imaginable (which does work for some people), you may think of getting a shiny red plastic hat that is too small for your head. It will be funny at the very least.


Just like any other hats, cowboy hats come in sizes. You need to know what size head you have before you can order one because otherwise it may not fit. These are not adjustable, although some cowboy hats do have a small elastic band in the middle of them. There is just not much room for expansion or contraction because of the materials the hats have to be made out of. 


Finding the perfect hat could just be a matter of looking at all of your options, and that will be easiest to do online. While you are doing that, you should look into other accessories for your costume, like cowboy boots, toy guns, and maybe even a lasso to carry around. With a creative enough mind, you can put together a great costume that does not have to cost you a fortune.