Rock Around The Clock With A Fabulous 50's Costume Party

Few times in history were more fun than the Fabulous ‘50s. Today's baby boomers were rolling skating, riding bikes and dancing in poodle skirts on American Bandstand. Dick Clark was "cool", Vanilla Coke was hot, and Elvis was King! What could be more fun and nostalgic than throwing a Fabulous ‘50s costume party this season? Show all the kids what they missed with ‘50s costumes like rolled sleeve white T shirts, blue jeans, black leather jackets, pink neck scarves, pony tail scarves, fuzzy sweaters with matching socks, black and white saddle oxfords, and of course voluminous petticoats under your pink poodle full skirt!

Accessories make the outfit and you can find an amazing collection of goodies online such as wigs, jewelry, jackets, sweaters, everything you need to look like you came right out of "Grease" or "American Graffiti". Recreate your own "Happy Days" with Fonzi, Richie, and Joannie costumes. You can be Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Fred and Ethel Mertz, “Leave It To Beaver” characters, or even Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife from Mayberry! You are limited only by your imagination because just about any character you can dream up has a great costume to be found somewhere on the Internet! Do not forget the Mouseketeers either!

Even decorations, games and craft items inspired by the Fabulous ‘50s are all available to add an air of authenticity to your "Lost in the Fifties" party. Check out nifty music selections like "Purple People Eater", "Great Balls Of Fire", "Hound Dog", if you want to boogie, and then get slow and romantic with "In The Still Of The night" or "Unchained Melody". Make memories, and bring back memories for the people you love this season with all things Fifties. The popular foods can be served too, such as Cherry Cokes, chips and dips, double decker cheeseburgers and malts. Make it a Fabulous ‘50s party people will talk about for years.

NO! You do not have to run all over town shopping until you drop trying to put all this together! You can plan your party and find almost everything you need online without leaving home! Even ‘50s party supplies such as napkins and paper products, streamers and posters, table decorations, party favors, and so much more add to the festivity and the fun. Remember all those great pink and black cars and outfits from the ‘50s? The ’50s were an era of distinction with all things fun. Bring back that those carefree "Happy Days" with ‘50s costumes and a fabulous ‘50s costume party that will delight all the people you love. Go ahead! Rock around the clock!