Throw A Grease Themed Costume Party

Revivals of nostalgic 1950s decor and style are not just limited to the occasional off-Broadway play or an episode of "Mad Men"; they can be an element to your next big party. While your friends and neighbors are plying out stale themes of casino nights or rustic wear, throw a Grease themed costume party to spice up your social life and bring a vibrant good time to your social circle. Not only are Grease costumes easy to find— whether in thrift stores, online outlets, or just in the far reaches of your closet—but the appeal is so universal that a 1950s motif party will be sure to be on the tongues of everyone the next day.

In case you do not know many elements of fifties costumes (perhaps you and your friends were never around to see them!), do not worry about having to search for outfits or scrutinize the accessories. After all, the point is less to be authentic than to remind someone of an episode of "Happy Days," so slap on your best leather jacket and gel your hair until it stands straight at attention. If you plan to throw a Grease themed costume party, give your friends and guests a few days or weeks to prepare, as they may have the ideal clothes but have to search through a few attics to find them. Think about what decorations you can use— a record machine that someone can elbow like the Fonz, or maybe a faux malt shop where everyone gathers after school. The costumes for both men and women can be tailored to individual looks and desires, but for those who have little or no experience with the movie Grease (or similar ventures like "West Side Story"); there is no need to fret over what to wear. Women can simply wear the poodle skirt, sweater vest, knee high socks, and butterfly hair clip of the stereotypical teenage girl; those looking for Olivia Newton-John's risqué tight black clothing can find yoga and exercise clothes that match the style.

Men looking for "greaser" style to match John Travolta have a simple dress code: leather and lots of hair gel. Break out the varsity jackets to go for the jock look, or get your best horn rimmed glasses and loafers to imitate the school nerd. If you are having kids to your party, include them in on the fun with a karaoke machine filled with the tunes of musicals of the time—from "Grease" favorites to 50s hits like "Bye Bye Birdie."