Guide to Buying An Indian Headdress

An Indian headdress can be a wonderful collector’s item, but it is important to know about them before buying an Indian headress. Not only are they referred to as headdresses, but some specific kinds are Indian or Native American war bonnets, headbands or basket hats. These have a colorful history, full of life and stories, and can be stunning visual items.

The type called war bonnets were of great importance to the Native Americans. These were used in spiritual ceremonies, in battle and other special ceremonies. Often, headdresses had to be earned by completing certain deeds, usually battle related. The amount, kind, and style of the feathers in the bonnet could stand for the deeds that the warrior had completed. Clearly, the more feathers, the higher honor the headdress held. Horsehair tufts were also sometimes added to feather tips to show even higher honors. War bonnets also could be horned, meaning they were made from horned animals like the buffalo. These were rarer and are therefore more collectible.

The basket hats were common to Native Americans who lived west of the Rocky Mountains. They fashioned these headdresses from different fibers and plant materials. Both men and women wore these and the basket hat could offer information about their tribe, achievement and status in that tribe.

Feather headbands are another common type of Indian headdress that a buyer should be aware of. These consist of a woven or leather strip that goes around the head with feathers attached or tucked in the back. The strap depicts different tribal designs and the feathers could be from almost any bird, including turkeys, hawks and cranes. Whether an eagle feather was in a feather headband or headdress, it was the greatest honor an Indian brave could earn, and many tribal laws dictated the wearing and treatment of the eagle feathers.

People looking to buy these headdresses can find them online. Often they can be made to order in specific styles and colors. Native American tribes had different headdress, so when buying one, if there is a specific tribe or style, be sure to look into that one. Sioux Indian tribe headdresses are known to be some of the most colorful and intricate headdresses.

Make sure, however, that they come from a reputable dealer and that any questions can be answered. When buying a headdress, be careful to check for any laws that dictate the buying, shipping and owning anything that has animal parts on it, like feathers, horns, claws or other parts. In many states it is illegal to own these things.

An authentic Indian headdress is not an inexpensive item. Be ready to pay upwards of $300 when purchasing one. They are often custom made with intricate work. Many can be ordered in a double trail headdress style as well.

Costumes Inc. sells authentic looking headdresses and war bonnets that are faithful reproductions of classic Native American indian designs.

When buying an Indian headress, do a little research beforehand as it will help in shopping and determining price and products. With so much history behind these headdresses and so many different styles from Native American tribes, the research will pay off.