Trends in costumes 2022

This year’s Halloween promises to be quite spooky because the 2022 costume trends are full of original, fun and somewhat scary outfits. In this article we will tell you which are the most requested so that you can choose if you want to do your best representation or opt for something completely different.

Inspiration to dress up

Although in much of the world the carnival is usually used to lose inhibitions and go out in the streets with the most extravagant outfits, there are a large number of people who wait until the end of October to become the best version of their favorite characters or for the simple justifiably frightening others.

While it is true that some invest large sums of money to acquire industrially made costumes and all the accessories as if it were their characters’ own wardrobe, the current trend is to use what we have at home to achieve the desired look without spending too much.

Fortunately, many people around the world have been applying this idea and sharing photos of their looks on social networks. Therefore, you will be able to find enough inspiration on the internet to dress up this year.

Whether you want to search directly on Google or use more specific apps like Pinterest, you’ll find that people are stretching their creativity to sport original, couples, group costumes and more.

Costume trends for this 2022

To facilitate your work, we have carried out an exhaustive search on the web and then we offer you what the costume trends are for this 2022.

From the following list you can take ideas or be inspired to make your own version of the outfits or look like a character from those mentioned.

Stranger things

The goal in this case is to look like you lived in the 80’s. Surely you can find something useful in your parents’ closet or improvise with old things to look like Eleven and her friends.

Elvis and Priscilla

Probably one of the most requested couple costumes and who doesn’t want to look like the true king of rock and roll?

You can find a photo of them on the internet and copy their outfits, the key will be the Elvis hairstyle, a guitar and flared pants.

Patrick Bateman

The villainous protagonist of the American Psycho series always looks elegant and neat, so it will not cost too much to copy his look. Of course, a psychopathic attitude is the ideal complement in this case.

Top Gun

Taking advantage of the fact that a new installment of this classic was recently released in the cinema, this is your chance to become an aviator like Tom Cruise.

A brown overall and dark glasses cannot be missing. Complement the look with a similar hairstyle and voila.

Anna Devey

These are big words, it is about representing the real Anna Sorokin, a Russian-German swindler who was sentenced to prison for her actions.

This is not a fictional character and for that very reason it may be easier to copy his outfit.

Harley Quinn

Although it may seem trite, Harley is disturbingly sexy and many girls love the idea of ​​creating their own version of this villain.

Of course, you may get several people with the same costume, so if you want to be original you should opt for another outfit.

Danny from Hocus Pocus

This costume is perfect for a girl. Interestingly, it consists of dressing up as the girl dressed as a witch in the Hocus Pocus movie who was kidnapped by three somewhat clumsy witches and managed to get away with it.

A pair of red pants and matching sweater, a black skirt and a hat of the same color will be enough to turn any little girl into this cunning little witch.

Essential accessories to dress up

Who says you can’t improvise your own costume? You may not find the outfit you want at the store, but that’s no reason to settle for something else or not be a part of the fun. In this article we will tell you about the essential accessories to dress up.

Essential accessories to dress up

When we talk about accessories we refer to all those objects that complement the final look of a costume. Actually, the sum of them is what ends up forming the original idea and communicates to the spectators who or what you are dressed as.

For example, we couldn’t tell you were a cowboy if you weren’t wearing a hat, a gun, and boots, right? So when it comes to dressing up, accessories are key.

Locker room

Although you probably think that the wardrobe is not exactly an accessory, in reality the accessories that are added to it are what make the difference.

Suppose you want to dress up as Fred, the iconic character from the Scooby-Doo animated series. If you put on jeans and a white sweater, it is possible that nobody really knows who you are representing, but if you complement that outfit with the iconic orange scarf tied around your neck, you are sure to be recognized.

It also works with footwear, belts, socks, capes and other elements that, being typical of the wardrobe, make a difference.

Hats and wigs

It is practically impossible to represent Rapunzel without a long blonde wig, the same happens with Peter Pan, who wears a characteristic little hat adorned with a feather.

As you can see, these details are what will tell people what you’ve dressed up as and you can’t ignore them if you really want your costume to be a success.

You don’t necessarily have to be a particular character, you can always create your own version of something, like a vampire or a witch, but there are certain essential accessories (fangs, pointed hat) that you can’t ignore if you really want to look like one.

Eyeglasses, makeup, masks and false accessories

Although not essential, your witch costume will look much better if you include a long warty nose or bony fingers with long black nails.

You may be able to improvise by painting your own nails with black polish, but you’ll make a bigger impact if you buy these fake accessories at the store.

The same goes for men who want to look like vampires, sharp fangs are the essential complement to the look.

Now, for certain costumes it is better to hide your identity with a good mask. Especially in those where they are essential, as is the case with the villain of Scream or the robbers of La Casa de Papel.

Finally, it is appropriate to mention that makeup is everyone’s ally when it comes to representing any character. False open wounds, scratches and even a mortuary appearance that is possible with a good makeup technique are common on Halloween.

How do you think fictional characters look so handsome or terrifying in movies? It’s all thanks to makeup and luckily you’ll find very useful tutorials on Youtube, which you can apply at home to get the look you want.


These are accessories that can be essential to the costume you choose, such as swords, helmets, guns, knives, and anything else that can make your outfit look more realistic.

Sometimes you can support the whole concept of the costume in these accessories. For example, if you want to dress up as death, all you have to do is wear an Oz and wear black, just wearing this element will make people quickly identify what it is.

Another example, if you want to be a cheerleader pom poms are key, you don’t necessarily have to get a uniform. With any skirt and sweater you will be fine, but these accessories are essential.

Witch costume step by step

If you are looking for how to make a witch costume step by step, you have come to the right place. Our intention is not to provide you with a complicated sewing tutorial for you to make a dress and all its accessories, we will teach you how to achieve this look by combining the correct elements and applying certain tricks.


The basis of a witch costume is a black dress, no matter how long or short it is, the important thing is the color. Other details such as the type of fabric do not make a difference in this case either.

Therefore, select any black dress that you have at home. If you do not have one that is completely of this color but, for example, is combined with red, green, white or any other, it can still work if you add matching accessories.

It should be noted that not all witches dress the same, an example of this are the protagonists of the movie Hocus Pocus, but in this case we are going to teach you how to create a basic costume.

Add some long socks, they can be black or any dark color. If you don’t have one, you can also wear leggings under the dress, ideally they should be plain or striped, but if they have a print that can be related to Halloween it also works.


You must necessarily improvise a black pointed hat, if you don’t already have it. It is very simple and on the internet you can find useful tutorials to create it with a paper cone, glue and paint.

If you dare to create it yourself, add a ribbon around the union between the cone and the base of the color that best matches the outfit and all the accessories that you consider appropriate. Of course, try to reinforce it so that it does not break or get damaged while you use it.

Wear black shoes, if they are heels much better, but it is not essential.

It would also be helpful if you could get some fake elements like witch fingers and a long, wrinkled fake nose to complement your look.

Finally, we can suggest that you take with you an ancient broom like the ones that witches use to fly. Although if you don’t get it, you can also improvise with a stuffed black cat or a plastic frog.

The makeup

In a witch costume, makeup is essential and you can guide yourself with YouTube tutorials to achieve it.

You can choose between a green and wrinkled skin or a warty and mortuary skin, in this case the creativity and the style is completely up to you.

When you put on makeup to represent a character, nothing is too much trouble. Surely there will come a time when you cannot recognize yourself in the mirror but that is precisely the idea. No eyebrows are too thick or dark, no lipstick is so flashy, dare to show off everything you’ve always wanted because it’s time to uninhibit yourself.

The hairstyle

The complement of the look and makeup is a hairstyle that goes in harmony with the style you are creating.

According to the popular culture of witches, none of them is too neat when it comes to hair and it is understandable, remember that they travel on a broom through the night sky and that damages anyone’s look.

Here it is preferable that you think more of Bellatrix Lestrange than Hermione Granger if you really want to be a witch worthy of Halloween. Of course, the decision is yours.

You should also consider that you will be wearing the hat all the time, so you may want to improvise a hairstyle that allows you to hold it comfortably and not something that would be covered by this must-have accessory anyway.

Ideas to make your own Halloween costume at home

We offer you ideas to make your own Halloween costume at home, you do not need to invest a lot of money to get the outfit you want, just follow these tips and you will look spooky.

Get inspiration

The first thing is that you define what type of costume you would like to wear. On Halloween there are those who opt for funny and funny outfits, others are really serious about the idea of ​​scaring and looking creepy, but there are those who take the opportunity to become their favorite characters.

Now it’s much easier, thanks to the internet and social networks, you can find ideas in other’s costumes and make your own version or come up with something completely original.

Individual costume, couple or group?

As you read it, now people also manage to generate a greater impact with their costumes when they are complementary to what other people wear.

For example, what would Little Red Riding Hood be without the Big Bad Wolf? And SpongeBob without Patrick?

But that’s not all, if you have a group of friends as willing as you to dress up and cause a sensation, they can become the Power Rangers gang, the Ninja Turtles, the Money Heist robbers or the irreplaceable Addams Family.

Take advantage of what you have at home

Sometimes it is often easier to make a costume from what you have at home than to take an idea and try to create it later, as it can be frustrating that you are missing essential accessories. Although everything can be improvised, you will have to spend more time and effort to achieve it.

For example, you wouldn’t want to consider dressing up as Captain Hook if you don’t have a prop hook at home, unless you have the time and materials to improvise your own.

It can also be helpful to find a character that bears a certain resemblance to you, that way you can achieve the impact you want without sacrificing too much. For example, if you are a girl with red hair, it would be better for you to dress up as The Little Mermaid, Jessica Rabbit or even Poison Eve, rather than Jasmine, Rapunzel or Merlina.

With this we do not want to limit your inspiration or limit you, we only provide you with ideas so that you can create a good costume with what you have at home.

While it is true that you could buy a wig in any color you want, for example, ideally you should be able to wear the one you bought years ago or make it yourself with the materials you have.

Original or popular?

To be truly original, your costume should not be worn by anyone else, at least at the event you are attending, but if that does not worry you and your intention is to have a good time, you can choose any outfit that you like and wear it in the best possible way.

It is very difficult for you to get a costume that no one has ever imitated, unless it is really complex or the product of your own invention, in any case we encourage you to try it because we know that creativity has no limits.

Don’t limit yourself

When it comes to making your own costume at home there are no rules or limitations. For example, who says all hippies have to wear flared pants?

You can improvise a look with a dress if you are a woman or shorts if you are a man and get the look you are looking for anyway.

Anything you have at home can be used, the key is to use it creatively to turn it into what your look needs.

If you have an event coming up and you haven’t created your costume yet, get to work. It is better to wear a simple outfit than not to dress up or miss the party.