Essential accessories to dress up

Who says you can’t improvise your own costume? You may not find the outfit you want at the store, but that’s no reason to settle for something else or not be a part of the fun. In this article we will tell you about the essential accessories to dress up.

Essential accessories to dress up

When we talk about accessories we refer to all those objects that complement the final look of a costume. Actually, the sum of them is what ends up forming the original idea and communicates to the spectators who or what you are dressed as.

For example, we couldn’t tell you were a cowboy if you weren’t wearing a hat, a gun, and boots, right? So when it comes to dressing up, accessories are key.

Locker room

Although you probably think that the wardrobe is not exactly an accessory, in reality the accessories that are added to it are what make the difference.

Suppose you want to dress up as Fred, the iconic character from the Scooby-Doo animated series. If you put on jeans and a white sweater, it is possible that nobody really knows who you are representing, but if you complement that outfit with the iconic orange scarf tied around your neck, you are sure to be recognized.

It also works with footwear, belts, socks, capes and other elements that, being typical of the wardrobe, make a difference.

Hats and wigs

It is practically impossible to represent Rapunzel without a long blonde wig, the same happens with Peter Pan, who wears a characteristic little hat adorned with a feather.

As you can see, these details are what will tell people what you’ve dressed up as and you can’t ignore them if you really want your costume to be a success.

You don’t necessarily have to be a particular character, you can always create your own version of something, like a vampire or a witch, but there are certain essential accessories (fangs, pointed hat) that you can’t ignore if you really want to look like one.

Eyeglasses, makeup, masks and false accessories

Although not essential, your witch costume will look much better if you include a long warty nose or bony fingers with long black nails.

You may be able to improvise by painting your own nails with black polish, but you’ll make a bigger impact if you buy these fake accessories at the store.

The same goes for men who want to look like vampires, sharp fangs are the essential complement to the look.

Now, for certain costumes it is better to hide your identity with a good mask. Especially in those where they are essential, as is the case with the villain of Scream or the robbers of La Casa de Papel.

Finally, it is appropriate to mention that makeup is everyone’s ally when it comes to representing any character. False open wounds, scratches and even a mortuary appearance that is possible with a good makeup technique are common on Halloween.

How do you think fictional characters look so handsome or terrifying in movies? It’s all thanks to makeup and luckily you’ll find very useful tutorials on Youtube, which you can apply at home to get the look you want.


These are accessories that can be essential to the costume you choose, such as swords, helmets, guns, knives, and anything else that can make your outfit look more realistic.

Sometimes you can support the whole concept of the costume in these accessories. For example, if you want to dress up as death, all you have to do is wear an Oz and wear black, just wearing this element will make people quickly identify what it is.

Another example, if you want to be a cheerleader pom poms are key, you don’t necessarily have to get a uniform. With any skirt and sweater you will be fine, but these accessories are essential.